Best Coffee Shops in Chicago

Drinking coffee at least once a day is like a routine for most people. Some people even claim that they cannot function normally and effectively without a coffee fix in their system. Everyone needs a place where they can get their daily cup of coffee whether to survive a day of work, for extra energy, or just for peacefulness and contentment of having a great coffee while reading a book. Here are some of the coffee shops in Chicago where you can go to.


Asado Coffee Company
This cafe is a favourite for most coffee lovers in the city. They roasts their own beans which make their coffees delicious.

Buzz Coffee Espresso
This is a two-storey cafe which is located in Bucktown. They boasts about their espresso which is truly a killer. And because of having two floors, there are plenty of spaces to spread out which everyone can appreciate.

Caffe Streets
Their inspiration are European designed cafes. They take pride in their “Monkey latte” which is their all-time favourite and best seller.

Gaslight Coffee Roasters
Yes hipsters also have their favourite hangout place. It is quite a sight seeing hipsters and families sipping on their espresso shots.

Ipsento Coffee House
This is a small place in Bucktown where they roast their own coffee beans. Their Ipsento and Nutella lattes are the customers’ favorite.

Bow Truss Coffee Roasters
This is a popular coffee shop loved by many throughout the city. They roast their own coffee beans and they have numerous chains all around the city.

Osmium Coffee Bar
This cafe has a relaxed and peaceful surrounding. They offer both coffee and tea based drinks. Their most popular drinks include agave latte and Mayan mocha.

Bad Wolf Coffee
This is unique a cafe that offers great coffee and delicious pastries but does not have chairs. This no-chair idea is to encourage customers to actually talk to each other and get off their phones.

Bridgeport Coffee Company
This cafe which is located in the South side gives off a neighbourhood atmosphere. They offer great tasting coffee since their beans are imported and acquired from across the world.

You should be familiar with the coffee shops around your area. With the number of cafes in Chicago, you can never run out of options for a great cup of coffee and a good place to hangout.

Best Fine Dining Restaurant in Chicago

Chicago is said to be a city for people who loves food. The legendary dining experience and sceneries attracts a lot of foodies all around the world. Whether you just like to have a fancy dining experience or you are in town to meet some business clients, fine dining restaurants in Chicago offers top notch service and therefore are a must try.

  1. Spiaggia 
    This is said to be the best Italian fine-dining experience in town. Their world-class chefs serve the best pastas with ricotta and truffle sauce and the domestic duck and prime rib eye. Foods like this with a perfect service from waiters are definitely worth your splurge of money.
  2. Topolobampo
    Most famous because this is the restaurant most frequented visited by President Obama and his family. This sophisticated fine-dining restaurant does not serve a static menu but instead offers dishes that are seasonal and local. So you cannot predict their menu but you can expect that you can get the best dishes the season has to offer.
  3. Blackbird
    This iconic restaurant is one of the best in West Loop. They offer the best seasonal and sumptuous dishes like the barbecued sturgeon and pork belly and marinated shiitake mushroom with peanut consommé. They also serve exceptional drinks and wines.
  4. Alinea
    Alinea is said to be number 1 restaurant in the country. They serve cuisines that have extraordinary flavours and done with flawless execution. Some of the foods that are very much recommended to try are cocoa-coated watermelon with cubed Kobe beef and squab with peppercorn custard and strawberries.
  5. 42 Grams
    This tiny fine-dining restaurant only has 18 seats so if you want an intimate dinner feel, this is the place for you. This is a perfect restaurant to come in with a limousine Chicago.
  6. Acadia
    This restaurant is located in South Loop with superb design that shows elegance and tranquillity. Their menu includes dishes like shrimp with cuttlefish noodles and cauliflower, smoky duck ham, and more rich and satisfying cuisines. They also serve exquisite drinks and wines.

You can never go wrong at going to one of these upscale and classy restaurants in Chicago if you are celebrating a special occasion or you just have a lot of money to spare. In eating in a fine dining restaurant, you should check first the dress code before you head out to avoid the hassle of going back home, changing your whole outfit and ruining the mood of the night. Also, don’t forget to call Emperor Limousine if you are planning a night out to any of these fine restaurants. I have used them and had nothing but awesome things to say about their services!

Dinning in Chicago

Dinning in Chicago

Chicago’s Most Romantic Restaurants

Impressing someone when on a date can be a little bit worrisome most especially if you do not have any idea where to go. Some restaurants may have delicious dishes served but do not have any romantic vibe in the surroundings. This is why you should pay a lot of attention in the type and location of the place where you are taking your date to. Here are some of the romantic restaurants in Chicago that can surely impress anyone.

RM Champagne Salon
The atmosphere in this place is just picture-perfect. With all the nice selections and enough champagne, your date is guaranteed to have a bubbly mood.

This place is just intimate and too perfect. This unique restaurant has three floors, all with different menu and mood. Just pick one glamorous dining spot that both you and your date can enjoy and let the mood of the place do the rest.

Signature Room in Chicago

Signature Room in Chicago

GT Fish and Oyster
They serve oysters, shrimp bruschetta, and lobster roll, all of which are delicious and worth your money. Ask the waiters to save you and your date a seat at the back dining since the lighting and mood there is much more romantic.

If you want a date that you partner won’t surely forget, call ahead of time and reserve the Table 70 at Vivo. This is one of the most popular tables in the city because of its arrangement, being located in a curtained old elevator shaft. This set up provides a secretive and romantic vibe since you have all the privacy that you want. Their foods are also very much exquisite and they will even make it to a point of personalizing your menu for a more romantic touch.

Le Colonial 
A restaurant located in the Gold Coast. Despite having a French decoration, this place serves authentic Vietnamese food. Pick a table on the upstairs patio and you will have the view overlooking the Rush St. You will eventually find yourself enjoying the night with your date while sipping on wine.

Geja’s Café
This place, which is located in Lincoln Park, is quite small but that’s what it makes it intimate. You can feel special immediately as soon as you enter the place. The acoustic guitar performance also adds up to the romantic vibe of the restaurant.

Giving your partner extra attention is the key for a successful date. Making the person feel special by picking the most romantic restaurant in town is a good start and a guaranteed second date for the both of you.

Must-Try Foods in Chicago


Chicago is the city who loves food. With so much authentic and delicious foods just begging to be eaten in the “Windy City”, you must stop eating your microwavable dinners and start your checklist of tasting all the amazing dishes around the city. Here is a short list that could help you accomplish this goal.

Taste of Chicago

Taste of Chicago

Chicago-style pizza 
This deep-dish pizza with thick crust, flavorful toppings and mozzarella cheese is very much popular in Chicago. The good thing is you do not have to break a sweat in finding a place that serves this since a lot of restaurant in the city are offering this dish.

Gelato Sandwich 
This dessert is made up of creamy gelato sandwiched between two chocolate cookies. You can get this from Massa Italian Cafe and Gelateria.

French fries and ice cream 
Who would not love potatoes in ice cream? No one right? This is included in Foss’s South Side menu.

Meatball Tony Calzone 
The meatball calzone from Bar Toma is truly mouth watering with its meatball, rich marinara sauce and thick cheese.

Roasted Bone Marrow 
Purple Pig serves the best roasted bone marrow in town with easy-to-scoop consistency partnered with crusty bread.

Buffalo ranch chicken pizza 
The combination of its ranch sauce, buffalo hot sauce, banana pepper, and cheese makes it Sarpino’s best-seller.

Profiteroles del Pirineo 
This popular dessert at Willoway mansion is made with vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two puffs.

40-day ribeye 
If you are looking for the perfect steak in Chicago, then go to David Burke’s Primehouse. They offer the best steakhouse in town.

Cake Shake
This famous dessert served in Portillo’s is made with grounded slice of chocolate cake. This is usually accompanied with a classic Chicago-style hotdog.

This meal can be seen in the menu of Kuma’s Corner. This meal is composed of patty topped in a bed of fries with sausage, cherry peppers, caramelized onion, and green onions.

Single Burger 
Au Cheval’s single burger is made with meat patty, pickles, bacon, friend egg, and rich dijonnaise sauce.

Italian beef 
Al’s Italian beef is deliciously made with beef in Italian-spiced broth. You can have this with a choice of dip between hot pepper or sweet dip.

Little Goat Pizza 
Served in Piece Brewery which is a thin-crust pizza topped with goat chilli, red sauce, sour cream, goat spice, green peppers, and cheddar.

Depression Dog 
This classic hot dog in a bun is offered in late-night hot dog stands. The steamed hot dog is simply dressed in mustard with onion relish and served with French fries.

Glazed old-fashioned donut 
The Doughnut Vault’s bestseller is really popular evidenced by the long lines and the seemingly always sold-out donuts.

Cinnamon Roll 
Anne Sather is popular for their glazed and soft cinnamon rolls best partnered with coffee.

Turtle Sundae 
This dessert from Margie’s Candies is just classically marvellous. Sundae topped with nuts, hot fudge, caramel, whipped cream, wafer and of course, a cherry on top.

Churros and chocolate 
Freshly baked churros dipped in a thick chocolate sauce are just perfect. This combination is served in Rick Bayless.

Cemita Atomica 
This Mexican sandwich with meat, avocado, and hot chipotle served in the posh West Loop is really a must try for all people natives or tourists alike.

All of the foods mentioned are just some of the many dishes that is a must try in the Chicago area. This city offers a lot of different unique and delicious food that it is advisable to go there really hungry.



Ten Best Spots for Brunch in Chicago

Starting a laid-back weekend with gourmet food is the precise description of having brunch. This versatile meal of the week is great to have with family and friends who also enjoys good talks over waffles, French toasts, omelets, and bacon with a glass of champagne. This meal accompanied with lots of coffee is also the starter feast for those people who have hangovers from past night’s drinking and happenings. For Chicago, the brunch is only getting better and better as there are lots of good restaurants to choose from. Here are the 10 best spots for brunch in Chicago City.

Au Cheval 
You are lucky if you got to take a brunch in this restaurant without waiting in line. They serve the best hangover brunches so lines are pretty much common scenario in this diner. Even though this place is best known for its burger, their classic breakfast meal of scrambled eggs, toast, and bacon-laced beans partnered with a coffee or Bloody Mary are to die for.

Big Jones 
This restaurant is known for their baked goods. Your experience with this place will start as soon as you sit down since they will offer you complimentary sugary beignets. They serve crab cakes, poach eggs, popovers with sauce, and cocktails that will surely satisfy your cravings.

The Bristol 
Their smoked ham with hollandaise sauce, cinnamon bun, fried chicken with bread and butter pickles, and Bloody Mary with olive, cheese and cube of pate on sides, will make your mouth water. Every dish served in this diner just keeps getting better and better.

Dusek’s Board and Beer 
This is quite new restaurant in the block is a terrific brunch spot for those people who hate waiting. Within minutes of your arrival, your order of gin-based Punch will already be in your hands. Their lemon buttermilk doughnut, cinnamon roll, fried oysters, and potato hash are some of their offers that you should definitely try.

Frontera Grill 
Their servings of spicy egg dishes and their set meal of grilled chicken, chorizo, and scrambled eggs are a must try for your brunch. They also serve the tastiest spicy bowl of pozole which is made special because of the addition of egg. For the drinks, you can opt to choose coffee or if you feel like it, a glass of cocktail drink to accompany your meal.

Who would not fall in love with the food at Avec? People’s love for this restaurant has increased when they started to serve brunch. Their breakfast pizza, cinnamon roll, and their chilled coffee with bourbon cocktail are very much recommended.

This diner serves the most nap-inducing meals. Fried chicken, buttery biscuit with béchamel sauce, sticky bun, slapjacks with lots of maple syrup, and pork belly with sweet corn griddle cakes are some of the foods they offer.

The Publican 
Their menu is full of classic and innovative dishes that are just purely outstanding. People will surely love their maple-syrup braised bacon, smoked sable fish wrapped in an omelette, blood sausage over kimchi rice, and a lot more inventive dishes. These can be partnered either with Bloody Mary or with a beer and grapefruit juice. All on their menu list are truly mouth watering.

Table Fifty-Two 
If you want traditional dishes for brunch, then this is the place to be. Their menu includes the selection of fried chicken, waffles with maple syrup, biscuit, gravy, and shrimps. Their strawberry and lemon filled cronut is also very much recommended.

Lulu Café
If you are the type of person who loves to have brunch almost every day, then this is your spot. They serve breakfast and brunch every day which means you do not have to wait over weekends just to have a brunch experience.

Nothing is more relaxing and satisfying than having a decent brunch for a meal. Many people are even making this their weekly habit and are actually always looking forward on this event once or twice a week.

Top Brunch in Chicago

Top Brunch in Chicago



Top Chicago Food Festivals to Go To

The city of Chicago is also known as the city for foodies. This city’s diverse food culture and cuisine is a mix of Mexican, French, and American. This is why there are a lot of eclectic restaurants all around the city and it seems like more and more are still coming to town. So it is inevitable that food festivals are being held in every part of this city. Here are some of the food festivals, your guide in knowing where to indulge and eat your hearts out.

Taste of Chicago
Held every year in Grant Park, is the world’s largest food festival. It lasts for five days and attracts millions of visitors all over the world. There is no entrance fee and the festival is joined by hundreds of restaurant stands which serves more than 200 menu items.

Taste of Chicago

Taste of Chicago

Wingout Chicago 
This is the festival to go to if you love chicken wings. Different restaurants are serving deliciously addictive and best wings. This is held in St. Mike’s Parking lot.

Ribfest Chicago 
This festival in Lincoln Avenue features the best tasting ribs in town. It lasts for three days and attracts thousands of visitors yearly. The mouth-watering ribs accompanied by great indie music will surely make an unforgettable and fun experience.

Six Corners BBQ Festival 
This festival which is yearly held in Milwaukee Avenue is perfect for all meat lovers out there. You will see a variety of BBQ delights from beef brisket to baby back ribs and pulled pork.

Chicago Food Truck Fest 
Numerous food trucks are parked in Armour Square Park to serve different kinds of food.

Lincoln Park Greek Fest 
If you want to experience a feast of Mediterranean cuisines, then this is the right festival for you. Live music, different performances, and exquisite cuisines in Lincoln Park area is surely an event that you do not want to miss.

Pilsen Food Truck Social  
If you are attending these food festivals, do not forget to pack an appetite and be sure to go to Chicago hungry. Plan your trip wisely in order to not miss any food fest that you want to attend.

Along with great music, craft beers and lively people, ultimate food delights in mobiles will be gathering in Pilsen. Watch out for numerous food trucks take over the streets for a fun street fest. This is the perfect place to experience the lively community of Pilsen while enjoying a variety of foods and exquisite brews.

The Most Popular Chicago-style Pizza: Deep-dish Pizza

When you say Chicago-style pizza, the first thing that will always come to mind of every locals and tourists alike is deep-dish pizza. This pizza has impressive thick layers of sauce and cheese that everyone will love. Just eating a slice will leave you with a full tummy. This is the reason why every first time visitors of Chicago wants to experience the most popular pizza in town. So what makes this dish so damn yummy and amazing? Everything of course!

Deep-dish pizza gained its popularity because of its thick layers and generous amount of cheese. It has a deep crust which varies from thin to medium in its thickness. It is usually baked in a steel deep pie-pan to allow space for layers of toppings. Because of the thick layers, this type of pizza requires longer baking time. The toppings could include anything, from pepperoni and sausage, up to onions, mushrooms, and bell pepper then covered with sauce and a generous amount of mozzarella cheese. This style of pizza can be found in some of the most popular restaurant in Chicago. Some restaurants take their time to make a pizza something that everyone will surely love. One of these places is the Burt’s place. They make the best pizza with a crispy crust, topped with flavourful cheese and large chunks of sausage, and the most unique feature of all, the cheese in the crust interior.

Deep Dish Pizza

Deep Dish Pizza

Another pizza place that one will surely love is the My Pie. If you are visitor to the “Windy City”, this is also the place to go to if you are looking to try the style for the first time. Some place offers overloaded and extra greasy pizzas but not this one. They make a deep dish that is well balanced, with slightly crisp crust, chunky tomato sauce, and generous amount of mozzarella cheese.

If you are in downtown Chicago, the Giordano’s oversized pizza is a must try for all the tourists. They call this mammoth pizza because of its weight of more or less 3 pounds. Huge right? This huge, meaty, and cheesy dish can easily feed a group of people. You can order this for your family and it is guaranteed that you all will leave there with full tummies. The flaky crust is slightly thin which means more space for sauce and toppings. The amount of cheese they put in their mammoth pizza is beyond generous which will just leave you speechless.

If you are one of those people who hate deep-dish Chicago-style pizza, then you are definitely missing a lot. This dish is not hard to like with all its good and exquisite quality and taste.